Lights on zebra crossings to warn jaywalkers

If a pedestrian ignores the warning lights and tried to cross the road, their picture will be taken and police will later issue a fine.

Luminous strips on the ground at the crossroads of Nanjing Road E. and Zhongshan Road E-1.

In Shanghai, pedestrians are now warned by lights on zebra crossings on the ground not to cross the street when a red light is on.

Since the beginning of this month, luminous LED strips installed at 10 crossroads around the city turn red when a red light is on and green with a green light on, Shanghai police said on Saturday.

If a pedestrian ignores the warning lights and walks onto the crossing, a column on the other side of the street facing the person will take pictures of the offender for the police to issue a ticket later for a fine of 50 yuan (US$7.3).

The strips on the ground are of a similar texture to asphalt and are as hard as steel plates, police said.

The first crossroads equipped with the lights are at the Bund, Gaodong Town the Pudong New Area and around the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Qingpu District.

They will be introduced to more spots in the city later, police said.

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