Underwear thief caught in suburban Shanghai

The suspect, a 37-year-old man, allegedly claimed that he stole women's underwear in four instances since August "to get excited."

A 37-year-old man has been caught stealing women’s underwear in suburban Shanghai’s Qingpu District, police said on Monday.

District police began their investigation in early September after a woman reported that her underwear, which she had hung in her yard to dry, was missing.

The suspect was spotted stealing the underwear in surveillance footage from around the woman’s home. He was also suspected of being the culprit in a few other similar thefts.

Qingpu police

The suspect is spotted stealing underwear on a surveillance camera around the woman's home.

Qingpu police

Police shared a picture of the suspect with local community security officials and later received fresh clues.

The suspect, surnamed Li, was apprehended at his home in Zhonggu Town where the thefts took place, police said.

Li has allegedly confessed to four thefts since August and said he did it “to get excited”.

He is now under detention.

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