Fake plate motorists risk their good credit

The drivers of cars with fake number plates will have the offences publicized and could have their credit discounted when seeking loans from banks.

Motorists in Shanghai who drive cars with fake number plates and vehicle licenses will not only be named and shamed online, but have their credit put at risk.

The names of offenders will be published on the official website of the traffic police, sh.122.gov.cn, and uploaded on creditchina.gov.cn, police said. A poor credit rating could affect their ability to get a home loan.

Guilty motorists will also have license points deducted, and face administrative detention, police said.

Police will be targeting road junctions with neighboring provinces using high-tech cameras that operate around the clock.

They will investigate drivers who have claimed their plates had been lost at least twice since 2017. In many cases the new plates are used on other cars.

The investigation will also cover taxis whose status has been changed since 2007 in order to crack down on illegal activity.

Police are planning a number of campaigns which will be carried out with the cooperation of the transportation commission and taxi companies.

During the campaigns, all lights on legal taxis will have to be marked as “hailed.” Illegal taxis, which do not have this function, will be easily identified.

Police said they will also inspect secondhand markets, car recyclers and car repairers for clues to gangs which forge car plates and vehicle licenses.

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