Jing'an Moments (October 2018)

Jing'an Moments (October 2018)
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

Women's marathon 

More than 3,500 women took part in the 2018 Jing’an International Women’s Marathon held in Daning Park on October 14.

Wearing pink, a color to raise breast-cancer awareness, the runners participated in either the 4.5-kilometer race or the 10-kilometer race.

Gu Yiwen from Shanghai won the championship in the 10-kilometer group, clocking 40 minutes and 17 seconds. Cao Qinghon from Beijing ranked second at 40 minutes and 37 seconds. Third place went to Hang Chun from Shanghai in a time of 41 minutes and 31 seconds.

“We hoped to raise awareness of women’s health through the event,” said Yu Biao, director of the Jing’an Sports Bureau. “Apart from that, the event gave runners the enjoyment of seeing beautiful flowers along the route.”

Ti Gong

The drama of real life

Residents from the Linfen Road subdistrict have turned their daily lives into a play.

The amateur drama, which featured day-to-day doings in the neighborhood, opened at the Daning Theater on October 16. Eight residents had roles, alongside professional actors and actresses.

The play is based on real-life people and stories from the subdistrict. It shows, for one thing, how grassroots officials solve parking problems and how neighbors help each other.

It aims to showcase daily life, shed light on small struggles and carry a message of community harmony, according to a local officials.

Zhang Zhiqin, Party chief of the neighborhood on Lane 760 Yangqu Road, played herself in the drama.

“A lack of parking spaces in our neighborhood has been a real headache, so we pulled down a 150-meter-long wall between two rows of buildings to make room for more cars,” she said. “I’m happy that the playwright used our project as a pivotal part of the play.”

Senior resident Huang Yin played the role of a model laborer.

“I lived here for 20 years, so I know the living conditions going back decades and how we all worked hard for a better life,” he said. “Big changes have occurred. Life is really good now.”

Ti Gong

Fashion on the catwalk

HKRI Taikoo Hui mall staged a fashion show to underscore the district’s aim to become a hub of clothing design.

Models in designer brands such as Bao Bao, Issey Miyake, Aigle and Scotch&Soda strutted the catwalk. Pop-up stores of popular brands such as Atelier Cologne opened in the mall.

The event was part of the Jing’an shopping carnival that runs through November 11. To boost sales and attract customers, 80 brands, including Zara and Uniqlo, are offering “unconditional returns within seven days” in offline stores.

Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

Community arts festival

The Jiangning Road subdistrict held its community cultural festival late last month in The New Factories, a creative industry park renovated from old factory workshops.

A variety of activities, many geared to children, included puppet shows and erecting buildings from toy blocks.

Ti Gong

Celebrating Van Gogh 

The last piece of the 2018 Jing’an International Sculpture Project has arrived in the city.

“Self-Portrait of a Dreamer,” by Netherlands artist Joseph Klibansky, features an astronaut floating, holding himself up from the backrest of a chair that resembles the one in Van Gogh’s “Bedroom in Arles.” A pot of sunflowers at his feet is a nod to Van Gogh's famous “Sunflowers” series.

The work was flown from the Netherlands to Shanghai on October 15 and unveiled to the public on October 19. The next day, street artists wore astronaut gear and interacted with visitors in the park.

Ti Gong

Collecting street DNA

A group of people made ink rubbings of manhole covers and paving bricks on historical Shaanxi Road N to collect the street’s “DNA.”

Shaanxi Road N runs about 1 kilometer from Xinzha Road to Yan’an Road M. It is dotted with historical buildings of different architectural styles and shops with venerable brands.

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