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Fishing spots in Songjiang
Jiang Huihui / Ti Gong

Maotian Happy Farmhouse

Fans of fishing like it as leisurely entertainment. A good thing to do in autumn is to go fishing with friends. You may sit in meadow near a river and throw out your fishing line, enjoy the birds chirping in the trees and feel the wind blow the clouds across the sky. Today we recommend several fishing spots in Songjiang for you to fish and relax. 

Ti Gong

Western Fishing Village

Western Fishing Village


Western Fishing Village is an agricultural leisure spot for visitors to fish, spend holidays, hold conferences, dine and entertain themselves. It has clear natural environment. To its east is Xiaokunshan Hill and west is the Maohe River, one of the upper streams of the Huangpu River.

The fishing spot is a pauper haunt at weekends. It is also the venue for several top fishing competitions in Shanghai and East China.

It has a fishing pond covering more than 400,000 square meters, a competition fishing pond of 5,333 square meters and a 1,650-square-meter indoor fishing pond. You can fish for over 10 species such as the blunt-nose black bream, black carp, grass carp, variegated carp, silver carp, tilapia and the large-mouth black bass. All the fish are bred at high-quality breeding centers in Songjiang.

In the fishing spot visitors can also purchase pure natural organic rice, free range chicken and wild turtles. They can walk in the eco-forest within the place or along the Maohe River that crosses the area.

The fishing spot is equipped with a 5,000-square-meter parking lot, conference rooms, tea rooms, chess and card rooms, canteens and guest rooms.

Cost: The fish is charged at 26-40 yuan (US$1.9-2.9) per kilo according to their different varieties.

Address: 299 Kunmao Highway, Xiaokunshan Town


Ti Gong

Joy Fishing Dock

Joy Fishing Dock 


Joy Fishing Dock covers an area of about 333,333 square meters, of which 66,667 square meters is allocated for fishing. The place, where visitors can relax and entertain themselves, fish, dine and hold conferences, is a good choice for a family trip or company get-together.

The place is favored by many fishing enthusiasts. There are people fishing along its pond every day. It is also a beautiful scenic site. Visitors can walk along the rural lanes, eat local food and stay in farmhouses.

Dining choices here include local food, self-help Western barbecue, herring cakes, fried fish, free range chicken, ducks and geese. Visitors can also stay at villas on boats or wooden houses along the river.

Cost: The fish is charged at 30-44 yuan per kilo according to their different varieties. 

Address: 1888 Lupeng Rd, Xinbang Town (Near PenglouVillage)


Jiang Huihui / Ti Gong

Xuelanghu Resort

Xuelanghu Resort


Covering an area of about 866,667 square meters, Xuelanghu Resort is the first artificial hot spring resort hotel in Shanghai.

It has 151 guest rooms, seven multifunctional conference rooms, one fishing pond, one Southeast Asian Western food restaurant, two Chinese restaurants and a large open-air hot spring center.

Fish varieties include grass carp, black carp, common carp, crucian, variegated carp, silver carp, white water fish, catfish and snakehead fish. The pond is dense with fish and fishing at the resort is quite easy. Visitors can take home whatever fish they catch.

Cost: 200 yuan per day

Address: 100, Lane 699, Hucao Rd, Xinbang Town


Jiang Huihui / Ti Gong

Maotian Happy Farmhouse

Maotian Happy Farmhouse


Located in Maogang Town, Maotian Happy Farmhouse covers an area of more than 1 million square meters. It is a large agricultural demonstration area consisting of a fishing section, resting, dining and meeting section, ecological wetland, vegetable garden and farmland.

The fishing area of Maotian Happy Farmhouse covers more than 200,000 square meters. It has three competition fishing ponds, eight entertainment fishing ponds and two large fish breeding ponds. The fish varieties include crucian, common carp, grass carp, variegated carp, silver carp, yellow catfish and brunt-nose black bream.

Cost: The fish is charged at 36-50 yuan per kilo according to their different varieties. Visitors can also choose to be billed by the hour. An initial 3.5 hours is charged at 90 yuan. After that the cost is 20 yuan per hour.

Address: 9 Xishe Highway, Maogang Town



Western Fishing Village, Joy Fishing Dock and Maotian Happy Farmhouse rent out fishing equipment, but visitors are encouraged to bring their own if they plan to go after big fish. At Xuelanghu Resort, visitors need to bring their own equipment.

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