Action! As film base work starts

A groundbreaking ceremony for Zhongshi Ruyi film base in Songjiang District took place late last month.
Ti Gong

A rendering photo of Zhongshi Ruyi film base

A groundbreaking ceremony for a film base in Songjiang District took place late last month, marking the first step of the district’s efforts to develop into a high-tech filmmaking center.

The Zhongshi Ruyi film base project, in the district’s Yongfeng Community, attracted total investment of about 3 billion yuan (US$436 million).

The project is in three stages. The initial stage will see four high-tech film studios, two film set manufacturing and construction workshops and two film plants completed and put into use by 2021.

The second and third stages are expected to be in operation in 2023.

The district aims to build the new film base into an international first-class high-tech base for film planning, high-end shooting, post-production editing, special effects processing, film trading and publishing.

The Shanghai government issued a “1+3+x” policy for developing the city’s film industry in 2017 with the “1” referring to building Songjiang into a large-scale high-tech film capital.

“Songjiang has a good foundation in film culture and potential to become a large high-tech film capital. Both the municipal government and the district government will propel the completion of the film capital,” Yu Xiufen, chief of Shanghai Municipal Culture, Radio, Film and Television Administration, said at a news briefing.

As a key part of the G60 High-tech Corridor development vision, Songjiang high-tech film capital has already gathered more than 6,000 film enterprises. The district government issued a general blueprint on the vision in June last year.

According to the plan, Songjiang will mainly develop its special effects processing industry, build high-end film studios and promote its cultural value. It will construct key industries such as screenplay writing, film shooting, post-production editing, film screening and publishing and film education, as well as related industries like film equipment manufacturing and film tourism. High-quality talent will be recruited and film companies with high potential supported.

In 2017, the film industry in Songjiang achieved an output value of 30.2 billion yuan and generated tax revenue of 2.085 billion yuan.

Ti Gong

A rendering photo of Zhongshi Ruyi film base

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