Spring Festival drunk drivers named and shamed

The driver who topped the list had a blood alcohol level of 365mg/100ml, more than four times the legal limit.

Traffic police on Monday published a list of 15 motorists who were caught drunk driving during the Spring Festival holiday.

Motorist Xu Songde who was caught near the Huanghua Road and Hongsong Road intersection in Minhang District at 2:15am on February 5 tops the list.

His blood alcohol level was measured at 365mg/100ml, while the threshold for drunk driving is 80mg/100ml.

Most of the drunk drivers were caught at night, but a few were caught during the day.

One of them, Wang Jun, was caught in Fengxian District at 2:40pm on February 10. His blood alcohol level was measured at 220mg/ml at that time.

Police revoked the driving licenses of drunk drivers who then cannot apply for another license within five years.

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