What price wanghong 'love'? 100,000 yuan, at least.

A man suspected of posing as female wanghong and duping an acquaintance out of 100,000 yuan has been arrested.

A man who allegedly used a WeChat account he purchased to cheat money from an acquaintance by starting an online relationship with him has been arrested for fraud, Qingpu District People's Procuratorate said Monday.

Via the fake account, Hai, a member of staff at a car rental company, pretend to be a female wanghong (Internet celebrity). Using the account, he then began a "relationship" with his erstwhile friend, Peng, who he asked for money several times under a variety of pretexts from September last year. 

He managed to convince Peng to transfer more than 100,000 yuan (US$15,000) to his new "girlfriend" via WeChat and Alipay, but the total amount involved is still under investigation, prosecutors said.

Peng later happened upon two cellphones Hai left in a car Peng rented from Hai's company. Upon investigation, Peng realized that one of them appeared to belong to his celebrity "girlfriend." 

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