Raining and raining again

Ke Jiayun
It seems with slim chance for residents of Shanghai to get some relief from the non-stop wetness through the end of this month, forecasters said.
Ke Jiayun

There is no sunny news on weather for local residents, as soggy conditions will remain for the rest of this week, forecasters said.

According to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau, the wet days are likely to continue until the end of this month, due to the frequent collision of cold and warm air.

Today, southern areas will receive some drizzle while most of the other places will be dry. Rain will arrive this evening with rising winds.

The drizzle will last through tomorrow morning, but the rain will taper off in the afternoon.

On Saturday, a one-day break from the rain will bring clear skies until Sunday afternoon when the drizzle will begin again.

The mercury will range from 4 to 11 degrees Celsius during the remainder of this week.

Tuesday marked the lunar year's second solar term yushui, rain. It is believed that during this solar term, the temperature will rise with melting snow and more precipitation.

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