Foreign vessel called back to Shanghai after departing without approval

Local exit-entry frontier inspection officers at Yangshan Deep-Water Port called back a British vessel which left without declaration and approval.

A British vessel which left Shanghai's Yangshan Deep-Water Port without receiving approval from the port's exit-entry frontier inspection station was called back and given a 30,000-yuan (US$4,469) fine, the station said Thursday.

It's the station's first case of calling back a large container ship leaving without approval in the past decade.

According to frontier inspection officers at Yangshan port, all loading and unloading work was finished in advance on Friday last week and the departure time of vessels was adjusted. However, the British vessel set sail for the port of Busan, South Korea, without making a declaration to the station or receiving a check from its officers.

The leaving vessel was noticed by frontier inspection officers, who filed a report with higher authorities. Under Chinese law, the vessel was ordered to return and undergo an investigation.

The person in charge of the vessel told officers said they hoped to complete their tasks as soon as possible and failed to declare to the station and conduct checks according to the rules.

The port has yet to decide on further punishment to the vessel.

Zhou Xiaodong / Ti Gong

Yangshan Port is a deep-water port for container ships in Hangzhou Bay south of Shanghai. It is connected to the Pudong New Area by the Donghai Bridge and forms part of the Port of Shanghai.

Zhou Xiaodong / Ti Gong

Two exit-entry frontier inspection officers at the Yangshan Deep-Water Port are on their way to deal with the British vessel.

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