Children's art to feature at international festival

The imagination of young people will be showcased at exhibits in Shanghai and Toronto by Xinqiao Children's Art Gallery and the Canada International Children's Art Foundation.
Ti Gong

Children draw pictures at Xiaoqiao Children’s Art Gallery.

Xinqiao Children’s Art Gallery in Songjiang District is a non-profit art institute focusing on showcasing and promoting children’s art.

The gallery is in the Xinqiao Art Complex where more than 80 artists and designers from China and the rest of the world have set up their studios.

“Songjiang is the cultural root of Shanghai. It fostered in ancient China talent like famous painters Dong Qichang (1555-1636) and Chen Jiru (1558-1639). Its culture heritage lasts. So we thought about setting up an art complex here that would gather creative artists from Shanghai and nationwide,” said Qiao Wei, the gallery's curator and art director of the complex. “Xinqiao Art Complex is now a gathering place of artists practicing their creative work, a good complement to the West Bund that is a museums and galleries cluster.

“We care about artists’ creative work and we naturally care about children’s creative work. Children, before they are trained systemically with various painting skills, create works with pure aesthetic beauty and striking imagination. Great artists like Picasso also care about children’s work,” said Qiao.

The children’s art gallery, since its establishment last year, concentrates on promoting interaction and communication between children and artists. In 2018 the gallery invited child painters to visit well-known artists’ studios and held workshops where artists gave lectures to children and inspired their creative side.

This year the gallery is joining with the Canada International Children’s Art Foundation to hold the 17th Canada International Children’s Art Festival, or Shanghai-Toronto International Children’s Art Festival.

The organizing committee is recruiting children’s art works from now until April 30. A final exhibition will take place at Shanghai Xinqiao Children’s Art Museum from June 15 to August 30 and at Toronto City Hall in Canada from August 10 to 16.

The theme of the festival this year is “Waterside.” It is expected to picture children’s awareness of environmental protection and showcase their understanding and love of nature.

Children at or below the age of 17 from any country or region can take part. Categories of work to be collected include graphic art, three-dimensional art and video art. The panel of judges are well-known artists and educators from China, Canada and other countries.

“It is important that Chinese children take a look outside China and have their works appreciated by children from other countries and the works by children from other countries will be appreciated by Chinese children as well,” said Zhou Weiqi, president of the Canadian foundation.


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Address: 193, Xinqiao Art Complex, Lane 255 Sizhuan S. Rd

泗砖南路255弄 新桥艺术园区

Ti Gong

Children’s work exhibited at the Gallery

Ti Gong

Children’s work exhibited at the Gallery

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