Teen rescued from sticky situation

Xu Lingchao
A 15-year-old boy mired in mud up to his chest was pulled to safety by firefighters in Jinshan District on Sunday. Although cold, the youngster was fine after being freed.
Xu Lingchao

Firefighters from suburban Jinshan District rescued a 15-year-old boy trapped in mud in a river on Sunday afternoon.

Rescuers arrived at Erguan River in Fengjing Town, where the youngster was stuck, around 4:30pm.

The boy was reportedly mired up to his chest in river muck about 2 meters from its banks.

The firefighters threw the boy a life jacket as they worked to calm him. They then threw the trapped teen a rope and an extension ladder. After grabbing the ladder, the boy was pulled to safety.

The boy had been trapped in his watery prison for quite some time, and firefighters used their own jackets to warm him. 

The rescue operation took only a few minutes. The boy was said to be fine after his extraction.

According to his parents, the boy came to Fengjing from Pinghu in Zhejiang Province to visit his grandparents. He was playing along the river when he slipped and got stuck. A villagers passing by the site called firemen.

Ti Gong

A vedio clip shows how the teenager was rescued from the river.

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