Serial burglary suspect arrested

According to police, dozens of antiques were stolen from one apartment while residents were abroad.
Serial burglary suspect arrested
Putuo police

A portion of the stolen objects are returned to their owners on Monday.

Serial burglary suspect arrested
Putuo police

Some items allegedly used by the suspect during his burglaries.

A local man has been arrested for allegedly committing a series of burglaries, police said on Monday.

The burglaries took place in the Baiyu Road area of Putuo District between October and December last year.

The stolen objects include antiques, luxury watches and accessories estimated to be worth over 1 million yuan (US$149,100).

From one apartment on the top floor of a high-rise residential complex, dozens of antiques were stolen over the course of two months while the residents were outside of the country, police said. The residents called police upon their return.

From street surveillance cameras, district police identified a middle-aged man as their suspect. They also identified two men as buyers of the stolen items.

After being unable to determine the identity of the suspected burglar, police questioned the two buyers, who pointed them to a man surnamed Ding.

Ding was tracked to his home in a residential complex on Tanjiadu Road W. in the district.

Police said Ding had been sentenced by a court in the Pudong New Area to eight years in prison for theft in 1987.

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