Local doctors remove massive tumor

At Shanghai No. 9 People's Hospital, surgeons pulled a cancerous growth weighing 28 kilos from a man's neck, shoulder and back. The patient lived with the tumor for over 30 years.

Shanghai No. 9 People’s Hospital has announced the successful removal of a 28-kilogram tumor from a patient’s neck, shoulder and back. The tumor was attached to sections of the patient's lungs, spine and major blood vessels.

Doctors not only removed the cancerous growth but also used exterior issue from the tumor to cover surgery wounds, the hospital said on Tuesday.

The 68-year-old patient lived with the tumor for over 30 years, during which it steadily grew bigger.

The patient finally decided to have the tumor removed after its complications, including a rupture which led to a major loss of blood last year, began to weigh on his health and quality of life. The patient was refused surgery at several hospitals before doctors at Shanghai No. 9 agreed to conduct a removal operation.

Using a detailed surgical plan, the tumor was extracted on April 1 following a 33-hour operation. During the surgery, the patient was in critical condition dozens of times.

The hospital announced the success of the surgery after the patient was discharged from intensive care and deemed to have recovered from major post-operation risks.

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