Cooperation projects signed at city conference

Hulun Buir in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region extends a welcome to the Yangtze River Delta region at a meeting in Shanghai. 
Ti Gong

Jiang Hong, deputy Party secretary and mayor of Hulun Buir, delivers a speech. 

Ti Gong

A number of projects were signed during a promotional conference involving Hulun Buir and the Yangtze River Delta region. 

Ti Gong

Participants at the investment, cooperation and talent conference in Shanghai listen to one of the speeches. 

More than 10 projects were signed during an investment, cooperation and talent attraction promotion conference between Hulun Buir in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Yangtze River Delta region held in Shanghai on Saturday.

They cover a variety of areas such as real estate, chemical engineering, tourism, culture, infrastructure and medicine.

Hulun Buir is developing emerging industries such as electronic information, biotechnology and equipment manufacturing, and its environmental resources and green agriculture, animal and forestry industries have good development momentum, said Jiang Hong, its deputy Party secretary and mayor.

In addition, the city's tourism industry is developing rapidly with summer tourism extremely popular, said Jiang.

The Inner Mongolia 2020 winter games will be held in February in Hulun Buir, providing huge potential for the city’s development of the winter sports industry, said Jiang.

The city welcomes talent from the Yangtze River Delta to Hulun Buir, she said.

The event attracted government officials and representatives from more than 220 enterprises. Specialty products of Hulun Buir were displayed.

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