Online registration for city's public pools

Ma Yue
Shanghai's public swimming pools are to introduce online registration and management in June, with swimmers being relied on to make "health promises."
Ma Yue

The city's public swimming pools are to introduce an online registration and management system in June, while swimmers are being encouraged to make a “health promise” before entering.

Shanghai has almost 800 public swimming pools usually open to the public in July and August. Previously, a swimmer was required to buy a “health check card” for 6 yuan (9 US cents) before entering any pool. The card was supposed to cover basic insurance and a health check. However, very few pools provided health checks.

Shanghai Sports Bureau said the health check card will be replaced by online registration.

From June, swimmers can log onto the registration platform through the bureau's “Shanghaitiyu” account on WeChat and provide identity information. A swimmer can choose whether to buy a 5-yuan one-year accident insurance.

During registration, a swimmer will be required to sign a “health commitment letter” to promise they do not have a serious heart disease, high blood pressure or a serious skin condition. They will also be informed of safety regulations. The system relies on people's honesty as there are no punishments for swimmers making false declarations.

The other function of the online system is crowd control. According to the bureau, the city's public swimming pools served nearly 9 million swimmers in the two months last summer. Some popular pools had been operating at full capacity at the expense of swimmers’ experiences.

With the new function, a swimmer will be able to check the real-time attendance at a few trial popular pools through the online platform so they can avoid peak periods. The function will be extended to more pools in future.

The system will apply to neighborhood exercise facilities, too. Shanghai has over 17,000 neighborhood exercise facilities. The bureau already has files for over 4,000 locations. The public can report any problems by scanning a QR code at the site.

Also, by scanning the code, a resident will be provided with instruction videos for a certain facility and other exercise knowledge. Compiling files for the remaining 13,000 spots will be completed by the end of this year.

In other work, 100 new walking paths will be built in parks and neighborhoods around the city this year, as well as 60 football fields and 300 neighborhood sports centers.

Online registration for city's public pools

Shanghai has almost 800 public swimming pools which usually open to the public in July and August.

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