Graffiti 'artists' must pay for Metro cleanup

Li Qian
Pair who used a marker pen to draw all over the interior of a train on Line 17 got caught on camera.
Li Qian

Two young men, both university students, have been fined 50 yuan (US$7.5) for a graffiti attack on a Shanghai Metro train and ordered to pay for the cleanup, according to a local TV news report.

Monitoring cameras caught one man, surnamed Chen, using a marker pen to draw on the train's electrical cabinet while the other, surnamed Feng, filmed him on his mobile phone as they traveled on Metro Line 17 on April 22.

Feng then began to draw on an air-conditioner cabinet. Later, both drew on a door. 

The train was taken out of service, and it took seven workers nearly 10 hours to remove all traces of the graffiti, according to the Metro operator.

Chen told police that there was no one else on the train when the graffiti idea suddenly came to him. They hadn't realized that it violated the rules, he said.

Feng said he had just wanted to try something new.

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