Man held for falsely reporting US$44,200 stolen

He stashed the cash at his son's home and tried to frame his landlord, police say.

A man was detained for 10 days for allegedly falsely accusing his landlord of stealing 300,000 yuan (US$44,200) in cash, Shanghai police said on Monday.

The man surnamed Zhang had actually taken the money from his rented apartment to his son's home, police said. Zhang filed a report on April 16 with police in Zhoupu Town, in the Pudong New Area, saying his landlord could be a suspect.

But during their investigation, police found that Zhang twice entered and left the apartment earlier that day and carried two packages from the apartment to his son’s apartment across the street, while there was no evidence that the landlord had stolen the money.

Police raided Zhang’s son’s apartment and found the money.

Zhang confessed that he made the false report in retaliation for a quarrel with his landlord earlier that day.

Pudong police

Zhang caught on a surveillance camera carrying the cash from his rented apartment to his son's home on April 16

Pudong police

the cash police found at the home of Zhang's son

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