Studying hard: A day in the life of a Shanghai student

A recent survey of 7,653 local students found out more than half of them don't have enough time for sleep and play. 

Students in Shanghai are studying too hard and many of them do not have enough time to sleep or play, a recent survey of 7,653 students and 7,804 parents by the Shanghai Society of Social Science found.

Here are some major findings:

Leisure time


43 percent of students said they have an hour or more every day for leisure; 27.8 percent said their leisure time is between 30 minutes to an hour; 15 percent have no more than 30 minutes; 14.2 percent have hardly any time to play. 

Sleep time


Most of the students don't sleep enough.

Homework time


The average time a local student spends on homework is more than three hours daily — more than in other provinces.

Interest in studying


Students' interest in studying decreases as they move to upper grades: 64.8 percent of primary school students think studying is fun while only 43.5 percent and 34.9 percent agree to that in junior and senior high schools. 


25.5 percent of respondents in senior high schools said they will forget to do homework when surfing online, compared with 10.1 percent in primary schools and 11.7 percent in junior high schools.

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