Driver sues police over parking penalty

Ke Jiayun
A Jing'an court accepts a lawsuit that alleges a failure in responding to a driver's defense against an administrative penalty.
Ke Jiayun

A driver is suing the traffic police in Yangpu District for their failure in responding to his appeal against an administrative penalty for illegal parking. 

Jing'an District People's Court has accepted the lawsuit.

Under Chinese law, individuals and organizations objecting to administrative penalties have the right to apply for a review or file a lawsuit. They have the right to offer a defense which the administrative organs should take note of.

According to the driver, he received a notification about illegal parking and an administrative penalty in October last year. He didn't agree with it and visited the traffic police office in December to fill in a form giving his defense.

He was told there would be a response within 18 working days.

But five months later, he hadn't heard from them and decided to take his case to court. He is demanding a response and his legal costs.

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