New face of identity crime

Ke Jiayun
A woman has been sentenced to four years and nine months in jail for reselling 200 identity cards via WeChat.
Ke Jiayun

A 27-year-old woman who resold 200 identity cards she bought, profiting by more than 20,000 yuan (US$2,900), was sentenced to four years and nine months in jail by Xuhui District People’s Court on Monday.

Lin was also fined 20,000 yuan by the court. Those who bought the ID cards got penalties of up to three and a half years imprisonment.

According to the court, Lin started purchasing ID cards and resold them via WeChat in March 2017.

Each card cost 300 to 500 yuan, depending on its owner’s residence, appearance and the length of its validity. Lin made 50 to 200 yuan on each card. She sold 200 ID cards in one year.

She was caught by police at home in March last year. She told police that she knew many people who wanted extra ID cards, for example, women working in nightclubs or those who had plastic surgery.

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