Showers for the week ahead

Ke Jiayun
No plum rain season yet, says weather bureau though the next few days will see rain return after a record period of no precipitation.
Ke Jiayun

Shanghai will cool down a little on Tuesday but soon warm up again, with showers throughout the week, forecasters said.

Warm moisture from the south and cold air from the north will both affect the city, Shanghai Meteorological Bureau said.

Tuesday will be overcast with showers and a maximum temperature dropping to 21 degrees Celsius. Showers are expected to turn to thundershowers on Wednesday, with the mercury likely to bounce back to 26 degrees.

On Thursday and Friday the rain will turn to drizzle with not much change in temperature. Friday's high will reach 27 degrees.

Gray and rainy conditions are expected to continue into the weekend.

This year's plum rain season has not yet arrived, according to the bureau. Shanghai usually enters its plum rain season in mid- or late June. Although a subtropical high pressure area is moving north this week, it still won't meet the conditions needed for the plum rain season.

A new record for the least precipitation in May was set when no rain was recorded between May 1 and 12. Before that, the record was in 1933 with 0.7 millimeters of precipitation, the bureau said.

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