Xuhui promoting science and Shanghai as an innovation center

"Science stalls" were put up allowing children to use microscopes to explore the origin of life, learn the importance of eating healthy, and play with robots.
Wang Yining / Ti Gong

Kids looking through microscopes to learn the secrets of life

Cao Ziyi / Ti Gong

Learning through experiements

The Xuhui Science Festival has kicked off at the Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

“Science stalls” were put up in the yard on Friday, allowing children to use microscopes to explore the origin of life, learn to make a healthy salad to learn the importance of eating healthy, and manipulate robots to understand the latest technologies.

Over the weekend, more activities will be offered by the Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health. School students will be allowed to step into labs to do experiments, looking at cells under microscopes and extracting their own DNA, to feel the charm of science.

Xuhui District is a major engine driving the city’s aim to become an innovation center with global influence.

The 2018 Shanghai Science and Technology Awards, announced last Wednesday, honored 300 scientific breakthroughs and distinguished researchers. Of them, 82 are from Xuhui, up16 from last year’s 66.

Notably, Xuhui has five of the 10 young talents honored with outstanding achievement awards, showing the district’s rich talent pool and underlining its campaign to foster budding experts in artificial intelligence.

Described as the district’s No.1 project, it is a campaign to work with the renowned Shanghai Jiao Tong University to build a platform to gather renowned AI experts and firms, and seek future AI masters from the young aged between 20 and 30 from nine cities across the country.

Jiao Tong professor Lu Cewu said the selected young talents will receive preferential treatment to use national-level labs, receive help from renowned incubators and accelerators, and get to know powerful investors.

It is part of the district’s aim to become an AI center of Shanghai.

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