ByteDance adds new blood to Shanghai

The city sees a strong future in artificial intelligence.

Shanghai is enthusiastically developing artificial intelligence as one of its three key industries by fostering local startups and attracting industrial giants from home and abroad.

Chinese technology unicorn ByteDance is one of the latest.

Beijing-based ByteDance, known for a series of popular mobile applications backed by AI, has placed its Shanghai headquarters in the Caohejing High Technology Park.

One of its most popular applications is Douyin, known globally as TikTok -- a short video app -- is now headquartered in Shanghai.

The company is known as one of the first in the world to use AI in its products.

It first focused on news. Its news app Toutiao uses advanced AI algorithms that learn user preferences, then provides customized news feeds.

The same algorithms have been used to provide targeted video feeds to Douyin users. Douyin is one of the top download apps in China and has earned global success.

Douyin found most people are attracted by Shanghai’s food, art, sports, shopping and tourist attractions.

The company is considering to place its research and development department in Shanghai.

Shanghai is well on its way to its global strategy to be an innovation center with global influence, and it has specified three key industries -- AI, biomedicine and integrated circuits.

During this year’s Pujiang Innovation Forum in May, Shanghai was designated the new national pilot zone to develop artificial intelligence technology — the country’s second such zone after Beijing.

Also in May, Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Insider Lab in Shanghai began operation.

It is the fourth and also the largest such lab run by Microsoft around the world. 

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