Take a walk around a Shanghai you may never have known

New walking tours will introduce you to the the city and its history -- and test your knowledge.
Take a walk around a Shanghai you may never have known
Ti Gong

Getting things done

Take a walk around a Shanghai you may never have known
Ti Gong

Young people leaning about the past

Shanghai has many stories. Now, you can enjoy them with a new program launched by the city's cultural and tourism authorities at the Shanghai History Museum.

Unlike traditional walking tours, the journey by the first 100 participants on Saturday featured plots based on the highlights of the museum and participants had to accomplish several tasks during the trip, enriching their experiences.

The walkers included students from Donghua University, young performers, government officials and white collar workers, divided into 15 teams. 

The tour blends China's revolutionary "Red Culture" and the cultures of Shanghai's haipai (East-Meets-West) and Jiangnan (south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River).

Its design embodies innovation and showcases the cultural and tourism vitality of the city, the Shanghai Administration of Culture and Tourism said. 

It encourages the interaction of young people with the city's history and culture.

And it makes them appreciate the city's glory and splendor through an interactive experience, said Cheng Meihong, deputy director of the administration. 

After the tour, participants visited a special exhibition at the museum celebrating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Shanghai which features about 260 cultural relics and historical documents at the museum.

The exhibition runs through July 1.  

It is the latest offering of the city's "exploration tour" program launched in 2017.

Three tours have been run under the program, proving popular among youngsters, the administration said. 

These interactive tour routes also cover the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Fourth National Congress of the Communist Party of China. 

Another tour starts from the Longhua Martyrs’ Memorial Hall and turns the Longhua revolutionary memorial site into an immersive experience with participants being required to finish a number of tasks during the walk to get young people interested in the city's revolutionary history. 

The Longhua Memorial is built on the former site of the Kuomintang Wusong-Shanghai Garrison Command and is where the Longhua revolutionary martyrs were executed.

The tours involve exploration, online interaction, tasks and quizzes which are popular among the young, the administration said. 

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