Metro prepares for exams

Green channel for students at stations as operator expects large number of other passengers during festival break.

Green channels are being opened at Metro stations for students taking the college entrance examination from June 7 to 9 and high school entrance examination on June 15 and 16.

Metro trains are being required to try not to sound their whistles during operation so as not to bother students having exams. There will also be fewer broadcasts in stations on exam days.

The three days of the college exam also coincide with the three-day Dragon Boat Festival break and the Metro operator is expecting some 8 million passengers a day.

On June 6, the last working day before the break, passenger numbers may exceed 12 million.

Extra trains will be added according to demand during the break. Shanghai Metro will be in touch with railway and coach stations, as well as tourist attraction managers to monitor passenger flow and allocate trains.

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