Man arrested over exam fraud

Prosecutors say Tao told training agency staff he could find people to take exams for their students but, it is claimed, he did nothing after being paid 100,000 yuan. 

A man who alleged to have told training agency staff he could help students pass national exams and took 100,000 yuan (US$14,477) from them has been arrested for fraud, prosecutors in Fengxian District said on Tuesday.

Tao said he could arrange others to take exams for students or give them answers, prosecutors said.

Fengxian District People's Procuratorate said Tao told Zhang, who works for a training agency, he could get Public English Test System (PETS) certificates. 

He could find others to take the oral and written exams for 3,200 yuan per student, it is claimed. Or, for less money, he could help students skip the oral test and provide learning materials, prosecutors said.

When 15 students asked Zhang to sign them up for the exam in May last year, she transferred the entry fees to Tao. However, when the results came out, all their scores were zero, meaning Tao hadn’t done anything. 

She later lost contact with him.

Another person paid Tao more than 20,000 yuan to help gain certificates in teaching, Mandarin and nursing for 15 examinees, prosecutors said. But, again, Tao is said to have done nothing. 

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