Man electrocuted at basketball court

Xu Lingchao
Eyewitnesses say there were sparks when 22-year-old Xu, who died just days later, came into contact with a wire fence.
Xu Lingchao

A man has died just days after he received an electric shock as he leaned on a basketball court fence in Minhang District on May 30.

Eyewitnesses saw sparks when 22-year-old Xu came into contact with the wire fence around 9pm on that day. 

He was pronounced dead on June 3.

The court is in the Yindu Greenbelt near the Yindu Road Metro station. The property management of the greenbelt, Xinzhuang Industrial Park, said it closed the court on the second day after the incident.

An investigation by the State Grid Power Company into the incident found that the fence had become electrified. How and why that happened is still unknown, the property management said.

Local residents said there is a substation near the entrance to the court.

All power was cut after the incident and the court will remain closed until the investigation is completed.

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