Mostly dry for festival-goers

Good weather news for students sitting their college entrance exams and people planning outings over the three-day Dragon Boat Festival. 

Students taking the annual national college entrance exam and residents planning an outing during the Dragon Boat Festival, which both start on Friday, need not worry about the weather as the latest forecast shows it'll be a mostly dry weekend.

Friday and Saturday are expected be cloudy with temperatures ranging from 21 to 30 degrees Celsius, forecasters said. Skies will be clear on Sunday morning but the possibility of a few afternoon showers cannot be ruled out. 

Temperatures from Sunday to Tuesday will fluctuate from 19 to 29 degrees.

Next week the weather pattern will be similar to this week. After a cloudy start, there will be some showers in some parts in the middle of the week, followed by a dry weekend.

Thursday, the last working day before the three-day break, witnessed the first two weather alerts after new regulations took effect this month which adjusted some standards to issue certain alerts and added a new one for low temperatures.

On Thursday, the weather bureau issued a blue alert for lightning and a yellow one for gales.

The day is also the ninth solar term Mangzhong, or grain in ear, which means grain should be ready to harvest. 

Shanghai Meteorological Bureau said the city’s average temperature during this solar term is 23.9 degrees with an average precipitation of 83.3 millimeters. Compared with the last solar term Xiaoman, there are often higher temperatures and more rainfall.

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