Ripe waxberries tempt Shanghai tourists

Shangyu's famous fruit is now in season and star at a promotional event to attract city residents to take a trip to neighboring Zhejiang Province. 

It's waxberry season and Shaoxing’s Shangyu District in neighboring Zhejiang Province is inviting Shanghai residents to travel to the area to taste this year’s crop.

The district government hosted a promotional event in Shanghai on Thursday that featured the large and juicy Erdu waxberry, the most famous of its fruits.

The environment and temperature in Shangyu is perfect for a rich array of fruit, with waxberries, blueberries, peaches and grapes ripening in July.

Shangyu boasts a number of scenic spots such as Fuzhi Mountain, Chenxi Town, Fengming Mountain and Cao'e Temple, as well as 56 recommended fruit-picking sites.

"It is convenient to take high-speed railway and drive cars from Shanghai to Shangyu and Shangyu is attractive for Shanghai tourists for its beautiful landscape and attractions," said Lu Jiangtao, an official with the Shanghai Administration of Culture and Tourism. 

Ripe waxberries tempt Shanghai tourists
Ti Gong

A Yueju Opera performance is held during an event promoting travel to Shaoxing's Shanghyu District in Zhejiang Province. during the waxberry season. 

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