Warning notices issued to 4 companies violating waste sorting rules

Yang Jian
Hongkou District has issued the first warning notices to companies who failed to implement the new garbage sorting regulations.
Yang Jian
Warning notices issued to 4 companies violating waste sorting rules
Long Gang / Ti Gong

Law enforcement officers issue a rectification notice to Laoshengchang restaurant on Sichuan Road N.

Hongkou District issued the city’s first warning notices to four companies who failed to sort their garbage according to the new regulations, which take effect on Monday.

Rectification notices were issued to the Wojia advertisement company, Hongwei art training school, Laoshengchang restaurant and a construction site in Sichuan Road N. subdistrict Monday morning.

The companies had failed to install designated bins, or to sort kitchen and household waste, according to inspectors.

The companies had already been repeatedly informed of what was required of them, but still refused to follow the rules. If they fail to rectify the situation after receiving the notice, they may be punished.

In hospitals, schools, wet markets, hotels, construction sites and shopping malls near Sichuan Road N., one of the most popular commercial streets in north downtown, some 95 percent of companies have been able to properly sort and transport their garbage, while all street cleaners in the area have been trained.

The area features a large number of shops and eateries as well as old residential communities.

Three inspection teams are working there. Surveillance cameras have been installed and have caught 17 companies covertly dumping waste into garbage bins on streets.

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