No clean getaway for dress thief

The suspect has stolen a garment worth about 10,000 yuan.
No clean getaway for dress thief
Xuhui police

The suspect has confessed to the theft.

A woman who works as a cleaner in a downtown shopping mall has been detained for stealing from a shop there, police said on Tuesday.

The shop in the iapm mall reported to Xuhui District police on June 4 that the woman, identified only as Chen, stole a garment worth about 10,000 yuan (US$1,460).

Chen claimed that she took a bag which contained something when cleaning up, but she had no idea of what was inside, police said.

But after investigation, police found that she moved the bag several times after taking it from the shop.

Chen then confessed that she stole the garment and sold it to a recycler for a few hundred yuan since it doesn’t fit her, police said.

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