Environmental problems surface in city districts

Inspectors uncover areas of concern including the improper management of solid waste and household garbage in Jiading, Jinshan, Fengxian districts and the Pudong New area.

Environmental problems including the improper management of solid waste and household garbage, as well as the illegal junction of sewage and rainwater pipes, have been uncovered by inspectors in the districts of Jiading, Jinshan and Fengxian and the Pudong New area.

The inspections by the Shanghai Ecology and Environment Bureau took place between April 2 and 24. Residents in the four areas made a total of 1,049 complaints and tip-offs to the inspection team during the period.

A report released on Tuesday identified weak law enforcement and management of the river environment, as well as the illegal discharge of sewage in rural villages, as problems in Pudong.

Some gas and oil boilers in the area failed to meet discharge standards, leading to air pollution problems.

Jiading District needs to improve its sewage and sludge treatment system, as well as supervision of industries involving heavy metal, said the report. Air quality in Jiading failed to meet the city average.

Jinshan District also has problems in its management of waste discharge by enterprises, as well as garbage landfills. Aquaculture and poultry breeding were developing at the expense of the environment.

Some boats operating in Jinshan were found to be using fuel containing excess amounts of sulfur.

In Fengxian District, household sewage treatment facilities were inadequate in rural villages. Some sewage treatment plants had not been operating properly and law enforcement of improper garbage treatment did not cover the whole district.

The report said that Fengxian’s environment authority should improve its environment-monitoring ability.

Local authorities in the four areas have been required to hand in improvement plans to the city government within 30 workdays.

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