49 arrests in IT fraud case

Prosecutors in Changning District say hundreds of victims lost several thousand yuan when information technology company made false promises of profits. 

Forty-nine people alleged to be members of a gang who swindled hundreds of victims out of several thousand yuan have been arrested, prosecutors in Changning District said on Wednesday.

Since the case is still under investigation, the exact amount of money involved is still uncertain, they said.

Changning District People's Procuratorate claimed that two chief suspects, Zeng and Huang, set up an information technology company in July 2017 and were its general manager and vice general manager. The pair employed a number of people and trained them in sales patter skills, it said. 

These employees are alleged to have then cheated customers by saying the company had state support and could help them build websites. They are also said to have claimed that the company enjoyed long-term cooperation with many commercial platforms and promised paying customers access to these platforms so they could make a profit.

The alleged fraud is said to have been in operation from July 2017 to May this year, with hundreds of customers losing thousands.

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