Shanghai, Taipei meet to further close ties

Yang Meiping
The annual Shanghai-Taipei City Forum has served as a tool to help the two cities improve their relationship at all levels – from government and business to personal.
Yang Meiping

Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong on Wednesday met a delegation led by Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je in Shanghai to attend Thursday's 2019 Shanghai-Taipei City Forum.

Representing the Shanghai government and Shanghai people, Ying extended a warm welcome to the delegation.

Ying said Shanghai has made great progress on economic and social development and is dedicated to expanding the Pilot Free Trade Zone, promoting higher-quality integrated development in the Yangtze River Delta region, refining urban management and building Shanghai into a “smart city.” 

He said that with platforms like the Shanghai-Taipei Forum, the two cities have made great achievements in mutual exchanges.

Ying said he hopes that Shanghai can further deepen cooperation with Taipei in all areas, learn experiences in advanced garbage management from Taipei and promote communication between the two cities in governance and grassroots social management to build a more beautiful future together with Taipei.

He also said that Shanghai will gradually provide Taiwan compatriots the same services as local citizens in education, starting up businesses and employment and life.

Ko said he had visited Shanghai several times and during this visit, he headed to the Yangshan Deep-Water Port and the urban operation comprehensive management center in the Pudong New Area immediately after arriving in Shanghai.

He said Shanghai’s urban construction and refined management have inspired all his delegation members.

He said Shanghai is one of the important settlements for Taiwan compatriots, and he hopes Shanghai and Taipei can keep enhancing communication and learning from each other to improve people’s wellbeing.

The two mayors also exchanged gifts during the meeting.

Ying gave a piece of embroidery to Ko. It’s made in the style of Sanlin Town in Pudong, and the handicraft has been listed as part of the city’s intangible cultural heritage.

Entitled “Both Happy as They Wish,” it shows two birds standing on a persimmon tree branch with plump fruits.

The gift from Taipei is a tea set with a teapot and two cups. The heart-shaped teapot has two spouts, but when water is poured out, the two flows meet and combine into one, representing two sides with one mind. 

It also represents Ko’s resolution to seek peaceful development across the Taiwan Strait and his goodwill to promote cross-Strait communication and cooperation.

The 2019 Shanghai-Taipei City Forum is an annual event held in rotation between the two cities.

This year, the theme of the forum is “Innovation, Cooperation, Future.”

Participants will share experiences and work to promote communication in areas including biomedicine, youth innovation and smart city, culture and medical technologies.

During the forum, the two parties will sign a series of MOUs to further deepen exchanges and cooperation.

Launched in 2010, the annual forum has been an important communication platform for the two cities and has led great achievements.

Shanghai and Taipei have deepened their communication and broadened their cooperation by signing 33 agreements so far.

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