Murder suspects caught 22 years later

In October 1997, two young men from out of town robbed and killed a motorcycle taxi driver, police said.
Murder suspects caught 22 years later
Putuo police

The crime scene 22 years ago

Two suspects in a killing in Shanghai nearly 22 years ago have finally been caught, police said on Thursday.

The suspects allegedly robbed a motorcycle taxi driver and fled. The driver was found dead in the Wanli area of Putuo District on October 14, 1997.

Two young men who flagged down his motorcycle were considered major suspects, but they could not be tracked down at that time, although police did collect some biological evidence at the scene.

At the end of March this year, a piece of that biological evidence was found to be a match with that of Du, a man once detained by police in Henan Province for selling stolen goods.

Du was caught in a village in Henan on April 29 and confessed. The next day, the other suspect was caught in a residential complex in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

Du, now 44 years old, confessed that he came to Shanghai with the other suspect in October 1997 to look for jobs, but they had spent all their money in two days before they could find work.

Du said they took a ride on the motorcycle taxi and when they arrived at a location with nobody else around, they attacked the driver and robbed him. He said he had no idea that the driver had been killed.

After the robbery, the two took a train to Nanjing, separated and never met again.

Murder suspects caught 22 years later
Putuo police

One of the suspects caught by the police

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