Dog attack puts woman in hospital

Ma Lixia
Police took dog and owner away after incident on Gumei Road W. on Saturday evening in which a female Japanese pedestrian sustained serious injuries.
Ma Lixia
Dog attack puts woman in hospital
Xuan Kejiong

A picture posted online shows a woman lying on the ground after eyewitnesses says she was attacked by the dog seen on the left. 

Police are investigating an incident last Saturday in which a dog attacked and injured a Japanese woman in Minhang District.

The dog, leashed but without a muzzle, was being walked by a man on Gumei Road W. on Saturday evening when it suddenly attacked the female pedestrian.

A woman surnamed Liu who lives nearby told Shanghai Daily on Monday that the attacked woman was quite badly injured and was taken to hospital about 10 minutes after the incident.

Liu said both the dog and its owner were taken away by police.

Another witness, a man surnamed Liu, said some passers-by stopped and helped call the police when the dog attacked the woman.

Pictures on the Internet indicate that the dog might be a Rottweiler which is defined as a fierce dog by police. City regulations ban individuals from raising fierce dogs and the animals can be seized by police.

Larger dogs are also required to wear muzzles in public. Owners of such dogs can be fined up to 200 yuan (US$29) for failure to comply.

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