Man revived by staff after heart attack at Hongqiao station

Xu Lingchao
Station medical staff, assisted by passengers, revived the man who was then transferred to a hospital ICU.
Xu Lingchao

A man who collapsed at a ticket gate at Hongqiao Railway Station on Friday was saved by the station doctors and three passengers.

The man was waiting in line at gate 18B at 2:38pm when he suddenly fell. The station attendant called doctors at once and broadcast for help from the other passengers.

The station doctor came with an automated external defibrillator. The man had no pulse. The doctor started CPR and used the AED.

Three passengers who were doctors also came to help. The man’s heart started beating again after 10 minutes of CPR, he was then rushed to Tongren Hospital nearby.

The passenger was transferred to the ICU for further treatment, his family arrived at the hospital soon after.

All three railway stations in Shanghai have AEDs, Hongqiao Railway Station has eight.

The passenger has regained consciousness, doctors said he can go home after further tests. 

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