80 years of opera: Bi Chungfang lives on

Li Qian
Chinese Yueju Opera master Bi Chunfang strode the stage for 80 years. A new performance honors the unique style she introduced.
Li Qian

A series of performances commemorating Chinese Yueju Opera master Bi Chunfang, who sang for 80 years, will be staged across the country and in the United States through the end of this year.

The program was launched at the Jing’an District Culture Center on Saturday.

Bi (1927-2016) created her own school of singing Yueju and earned fame in Jing’an. And Bi-style Yueju has been listed as an intangible cultural heritage by the city government.

In 2008, Bi set up a Yueju Opera troupe for local young Yueju fans in the district’s culture center to attract more young people to pass on the tradition.

Over the years, the troupe has fostered young artists and also opened classes in local schools, office buildings and neighborhoods.

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