Ambitious plans for future prosperity

Yang Yang
Songjiang's plan on land use (2017-2035) aims to build the district into a scientific and eco-friendly region.
Yang Yang

Songjiang’s plan on land use (2017-2035) aims to build the district into a scientific and eco-friendly region.

Songjiang will control its planned urban construction land within 286.2 square kilometers and make sure its ecological space, forest coverage and per capita park land area remain no less than 325.6 square kilometers, 25 percent and 15 square meters respectively by 2035.

Songjiang New Town will become a city-level sub-center by 2035 and the district will have three regional centers and several community centers.

Songjiang will form a major developing corridor to correspond to the G60 High-Tech Corridor vision, an urban-rural development axis to connect different regions of the district, five large-scale ecological zones and four urban strategic zones.

In terms of industrial development, Songjiang will build itself into an industrial land focusing on advanced manufacturing and strategic new industries such as artificial intelligence, integrated circuit and biomedicine, and supported by the modern service industry.

The district will also make sure that by the end of 2035 its public transport travel percentage will be no less than 30 percent and people’s average commuting time will be reduced to within 30 minutes.

Four national railway lines — Hukun High Speed Rail, Hukun Railway, Husuhu Railway and Huhang Intercity Rail — will be connected to Songjiang, together with five highways and five expressways.

Time spent traveling between Songjiang and downtown Shanghai, between Songjiang and neighboring cities of Kunshan, Jiaxing and Wujiang, between Songjiang and the cities of Hangzhou, Suzhou and Wuxi, will be reduced to 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes respectively.

Ecological improvement will be another essential part of the plan.

By 2035, the ratio of river and lake water surface area in Songjiang will be no less than 9.28 percent and citizens will take only five minutes to walk to a nearby park, green land or square.

Both district-level and community-level public service facilities will also be improved.

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