Database to tackle esophagus cancer

Cai Wenjun
China has world's highest incidence of the disease and evidence collected from the peak region will aid research and enhance medical treatments. 
Cai Wenjun

China has the world's highest incidence of esophagus cancer, reporting half the new cases worldwide every year. The region in the middle and lower reach of Yangtze River, especially northern Jiangsu Province, is the peak region for esophagus cancer.

A database covering six medical centers in the area has been was established to provide data for research and improve services, Shanghai Chest Hospital officials said on Tuesday.

The database will be put into use next month, said Dr Li Zhigang, vice director of the hospital’s thoracic surgery department.

“The database will show the treatment of patients in the region, especially those in second and third-tier cities,” Li said. “Some 3,500 esophagus cancer surgeries will be included in the database every year, providing information and the latest research in the medical field."

 The database will also provide evidence to direct clinical guidance and enhance overall medical capabilities, Li said.

The database will also launch multi-center research and offer suggestions to the government on esophagus cancer prevention and control in the region.

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