Police help man find mother after 26 years

Chen Huizhi
While police don't usually provide such service, an officer decided to help him.
Chen Huizhi
Police help man find mother after 26 years
Huangpu police

The man breaks down when he meets his mother.

Police help man find mother after 26 years
Huangpu police

Police with the mother and son

A 27-year-old man has been reunited with his long-lost mother thanks to Shanghai police.

The man surnamed Liu met his mother on August 3 at the Huaihai Road M. police station in Huangpu District.

Liu came to the police station on August 2 with only his mother’s name and that she used to live on Chongde Road.

Officer Wang Huan said while police don’t usually provide such a service, she decided to help.

“There are many such requests, and people who file them have different motives," she said.

"But from my experience working at the counter over the years, I decided that the man with such a wary but desperate look in his eyes has a case and he truly needed our help,” she said.

Liu, who was born in Heilongjiang Province, told police that his mother had left home due to violence and disagreements after a failed business venture.

His family later moved to Shandong Province, but he never gave up the hope of finding her.

Liu plans to marry his long-time girlfriend, but felt he needed to get rid of the childhood shadow of never properly knowing his own mother.

Wang said police managed to find the contact information of Liu’s mother, who had moved from her old address, but she hung up on them.

“After that, I probably made more than 50 calls to her that day, but she didn’t answer the calls,” she said.

Fortunately the woman called back the next day and agreed to meet her son at the police station. 

When Liu met his mother, he burst into tears.

Wang said Liu, who is working in Shandong Province, has already established a fond relationship with his mother. 

Wang has stayed in touch with Liu.

“He told me that he’s satisfied enough at this point living a separate life from his mother but knowing she’s always there for him,” she said.

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