Shocking state of unfit treadmills

Hu Min
Seven batches of motorized treadmills were found unsafe by Shanghai's market watchdog.
Hu Min

Seven batches of motorized treadmills including four batches sold on were unsafe, Shanghai's market watchdog said on Monday.

They failed on two safety indexes, the running table and electrical safety, the Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation said.

The former failure will lead to falls, while the latter could cause electric shocks.

A batch of treadmills branded Chislim which were sold on failed both indexes, and another batch branded GSGC sold on Suning's Yigou online shopping site failed for electrical safety.

Another batch branded XQiao and sold by the Tianlin branch of supermarket chain Trust-Mart failed on both.

In total, 70 batches were checked. Investigation is under way.

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