Shanghai's unemployment figure down 4.38%

Hu Min
City's job market stable despite uncertainty resulting from slow down in economic growth at home and abroad, and world trade protectionism, according to human resources bureau.
Hu Min

Shanghai had 187,700 registered unemployed as of June, a decrease of about 4.38 percent, or 8,600 from the same period last year, the city's human resources and social security bureau said on Wednesday.

In June, young people accounted for just over 20 percent of the total, a drop of nearly 9 percentage points from 2011, with training, help and specific programs to boost their job opportunities, according to the bureau.

More than 5,400 long-term jobless young people had received help to start their own businesses as of the end of June, with 8,000 the yearly target, the bureau said.

More than 610,000 people had received vocational training between January and June, and the city had also established 110 training centers of highly skilled talents.

A total of 385,400 new jobs had been created in the first half of the year, the bureau said, more than 77 percent of the target for the year. Among them, 108,500 covered strategic emerging industries.

Over 500,000 new jobs are provided in the city every year, the bureau said. The city's registered jobless rate was 3.6 percent at the end of last year, a figure that decreases year by year, it said.

Although the city's job market is stable, the slow down in economic growth both at home and abroad and the emergence of world trade protectionism had led to increased uncertainty in the job market, said Zhao Yongfeng, the bureau's director.

The city has taken measures such as increasing the frequency of monitoring key enterprises and providing subsidies for enterprises that retain employees, he said.

Last year, 117,900 enterprises enjoyed such subsidies, a total of 2.136 billion yuan (US$304 million).

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