'Butterfly Lovers' at science products expo

Ke Jiayun
Arts and technology to combine at the 6th Shanghai International Popular Science Products Expo from August 23 to 26.
Ke Jiayun

An "immersive theater" at the city's annual exhibition of science products will stage traditional Chinese romance "Butterfly Lovers," where science and technology will combine with arts.

The 6th Shanghai International Popular Science Products Expo, organized by the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, is to be held between August 23 and 26 at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. It will feature the city's current hot topics, such as 5G and garbage sorting, as well as showcasing technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, big data and smart cities.

This year is the 60th anniversary of the Butterfly Lovers concerto, first performed by violinist Yu Lina at Shanghai’s Lyceum Theater.

At the show, there will be neither fixed seats nor fixed angles and audience members are free to enjoy the performance as they like with "zero distance" from the performers. Technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, three-dimensional reality, multimedia, multi-channel interaction and mechanical numerical control devices will feature.

Visitors can sign up for the show via the exhibition's WeChat from August 18 or on-site when the event opens. 

In the other art-related section, "Sound Object" designed by Tongji University's DADAWA Sound Lab, its "Phonograph" exhibit transforms voices into data and uses algorithms to make three-dimensional patterns and geometric objects with a robot arm.

Shanghai Foremost Group, an interactive exhibition service provider, will present garbage-sorting games in multimedia technology to promote environmental protection.

Foremost’s Yang Yifeng said 96 percent of the materials it uses in the exhibition are recyclable.

Teenager Art Children Creativity, an artificial-intelligence science education institution for children, will have an area for the kids to enjoy games where virtual-reality and augmented-reality technologies are introduced into garbage sorting.

Hongkou District will display its progress and achievements in building itself into a "5G global innovation port" and "5G integrated application pilot demonstration zone." Baoshan District, location of the Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal, will show how 5G is applied in its smart cruise terminal system.

China Unicom will demonstrate the changes from 1G to 5G and allow visitors to experience 5G via products such as drones and smart bicycles.

Some hi-tech medical and healthcare products will also be showcased at the exhibition.

"AngelEye" smart glasses, developed by Shanghai-based vision-processing chipmaker NextVPU, will help the blind or visually impaired to "see" their surroundings by collecting data and converting it into sound. The glasses can also read text. 

Siyi Intelligence is bringing wearable products from its EasyWalk series which can support people with movement difficulties, especially the elderly, and control movements with artificial intelligence.

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