Three-year plan to become model anti-drug district

Yang Jian
Putuo District aims to spearhead China's anti-drug war with a three-year plan.
Yang Jian

Putuo District aims to spearhead China’s anti-drug war with a three-year plan.

The district in Shanghai’s northwest downtown has been targeted as a national demonstration district for drug control by 2022.

An anti-drug committee plenary meeting of the district was held in Putuo on August 14 where the “Three-Year Action Plan for the Establishment of a National Anti-Drug Demonstration” was released.

The district government has called on the public to wage a three-year overall war against drugs. The government will pay more attention to anti-drug campaigns, while companies must fulfill their duties.

Communities and the public will be widely mobilized to help promote anti-drug efforts.

Stricter supervision and control will be conducted over the chemicals, narcotics and other items that can made into drugs.

An optimized community drug rehabilitation system will be built to serve and educate drug users.

The awareness rate of basic knowledge and the satisfaction rate of drug prevention education work will be further improved, and the anti-drug education project among juveniles will be further enhanced. The anti-drug social work team will become more professional, and volunteers will participate in a wider range of services.

The district will create an atmosphere that residents from all walks of life will participate in the anti-drug campaign, the Putuo government said.

The action plan has three steps to achieve the goal within three years.

Thirty-five tasks will be accomplished in eight aspects, such as building a comprehensive drug prevention system and a drug control system as well as supervision and monitoring systems.

In 2020, the organization and leadership structure for the campaign will be completed. The drug supervision and prevention systems will be further improved in 2021.

The district is expected to meet the standards of a national anti-drug demonstration district by 2022 with fully established supervision, management and control systems.

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