New expressway part of Pudong development

Xu Lingchao
Infrastructure projects and approval delegation meant to support growth in Lingang New Town and other thriving areas, officials explain.
Xu Lingchao

A new expressway connecting Luoshan Road and Lingang New Town in the Pudong New Area is expected to start construction soon, said Chi Yong, deputy head of Pudong’s traffic authority.

Chi said that in addition to the new expressway, S3 will be extended to Fengxian District and connected with expressway S4.

Chi also mentioned the operating pressure that Metro Line 16 is currently facing as the area develops.

“As Lingang continues to thrive, more people will seek opportunities there which will make the line more congested,” Chi said. “We are planning a new rail transit line from downtown Pudong to Lingang.”

Apart from road construction, multiple government bodies in Shanghai are also working to further accommodate infrastructure and industrial planning in Pudong.

Shanghai Water Authority, for example, recently allowed Pudong to manage its own river dredging projects.

Cai Jingping, from Pudong’s ecology and environment bureau, said that densely weaving waterways in the area used to pose problems for companies building headquarters and factory plants.

“When construction reached the waterways, the companies would have to apply for a landfill from the city’s water authority so that construction could continue,” said Cai. “Such an application process might take longer than a year.”

With approval authority of such applications now delegated to Pudong, it now takes only three months for local officials to examine and approve dredging and landfill projects.

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