Typhoon to rain on Shanghai

Ke Jiayun
As Lingling moves north Saturday will be mostly peaceful, forecasters said, but early next week will see the rain back again before dry conditions return on Thursday. 
Ke Jiayun

Gales will weaken and overcast to cloudy skies will return on Saturday after typhoon Lingling passes areas at the same latitude as Shanghai before midnight on Friday and heads north, forecasters said.

Lingling's center will be about 250 to 300 kilometers east of Pudong's Huinan Town at that time, bringing another round of heavy rain or thunderstorms to part of the city.

On Friday, under the impact of Lingling's peripheral flows, there were heavy downpours in Shanghai's central and northern areas. Between 6am and 3pm, the largest falls were in Hongqiao Subdistrict, Changning District, with 148 millimeters. Minhang District's Hongqiao Town was next with 144 millimeters of rainfall.

The heavy rain was because Lingling had absorbed moisture from the southwest monsoon as it carried on its way. When it approached Shanghai, the warm moisture collided with cold air from northern China, the bureau said.

The bureau issued two yellow alerts for lightning and rainstorms and a blue one for typhoons on Friday morning. By 6:30pm, the two yellows had been lifted while the blue typhoon alert remains.

As Lingling leaves, Saturday will be mostly peaceful and cloudy with some scattered morning showers. Sunshine may return on Saturday morning.

The maximum temperature will be 29 degrees Celsius on Saturday and 30 degrees on Sunday.

With the arrival of low pressure, early next week will see significant rain again. But conditions will be dry from Thursday.

Temperatures will range between 25 and 31 degrees next week.

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