Tourism festival promises packed program

Hu Min
This year's extravaganza will feature a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration, live music, cultural heritage, coffee events, museum magic and much, much more.
Hu Min

Activities for the upcoming 2019 Shanghai Tourism Festival will include a coffee week, an art festival, a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration and museum magic nights, cultural and tourism authorities said on Monday. 

The Fuxing Art Festival will take place at the Hengfu (Hengshan and Fuxing roads) Historical Conservation Zone from September 14 to October 6, inviting tourists to savor enchanting autumn views of plane trees amid jazz music and street art, the Xuhui District Administration of Culture and Tourism announced.

On September 21, 28 and October 6, jazz concerts will also be staged in the area, according to the administration. 

Hengfu, one of the most romantic blocks in Shanghai, features beautiful old villas, tree-lined sidewalks, chic cafes and restaurants, and a tranquil, laid-back atmosphere.

At Guilin Park visitors can savor the charm of intangible cultural heritage from the Yangtze River Delta Region on September 12 and 13 to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on on Friday. 

Inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, such as Qinhuai colored lanterns, Xuzhou sachets and Lanxi sugar paintings, will display their skills with nimble fingers. 

Traditional rituals to worship the moon will be replicated on these nights. People wearing Hanfu, or traditional Chinese dress, will perform the rituals accompanied by ancient music.

Following customs dating back 2,000 years, visitors will be invited to write down their wishes and hang them on trees.

This traditional event was first launched in 2001 and has since become part of the annual Shanghai Tourism Festival.

A museum magic night will be held at the Shanghai Film Museum on September 14 and 15. Parents and children will be invited to create their own versions of movie posters, and films about the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China will be screened. 

Film exhibitions will be held at the Xujiahui Metro station, allowing passengers to enjoy the art of light and shadow. 

The Shanghai Meteorological Museum will host a similar event on September 21.

The 5th Shanghai Coffee Week will kick off on September 21 with coffee brewing, tasting, art and tours in Hengfu, Xujiahui and Xuhui riverfront areas. 

Cafes will offer discounts through October 6 in honor of the event. 

The Xujiahuiyuan tourist area will host art and culture exhibitions, speeches and performances during the festival. 

Galleries and art centers in the West Bund will organize activities as well. 

Huajing Town will host performances, intangible cultural heritage experiences and handcraft displays, with Jiangnan (the area south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River) culture in the spotlight.

Tours along seven routes connecting 70 patriotic tourist attractions, museums, art galleries and former residences of historic figures will be organized on September 20.

Xuhui District is home to 253 recognized historical buildings. 

This year's Shanghai Tourism Festival, the city’s biggest tourism extravaganza, will run from September 14 to October 6.

Some activities are specifically designed for overseas tourists and expats, including longtang (alleyway) tours in Jing'an District between September 15 and 20, and a carnival for expat families on September 15 at the Huacao International Community Cultural Activity Center in Minhang District.

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