Double delight for science fans

Ke Jiayun
This year's Shanghai celebrations for National Science Popularization Day will have two main venues with a Minhang shopping center turning itself into a science education mall.
Ke Jiayun

Shanghai's celebrations for this year's National Science Popularization Day, from September 14 to 22, will have two main venues for the first time to bring events closer to residents, the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology said on Monday.

Longfor Shanghai Hongqiao Paradise Walk, a shopping center in Minhang District, will join the Science Hall as a main venue and become a science education mall over the Mid-Autumn Festival weekend.

On the ground floor, there will be an exhibition of the city's achievements in popularizing science over the past 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China, and there will be speeches by scientists and science education plays.

The second floor is where visitors can read science books and enjoy activities that include making specimens.

Virtual reality technology can be experienced on the third floor while science education movies will screen in the fourth floor's cinema. Children can observe animals in a small indoor zoo on the fifth floor. Registration for these events can be done online.

At the Science Hall, an exhibition will show how science and technology changed the country and people's life over the years. The Shanghai Science and Technology Cinema will show movies from China, Britain, France, the Unites States, Germany, Japan and South Korea that feature the universe and environmental protection.

Competitions, speeches, brainstorming and reading events will also be held in the hall.

"TELL+Science," a cellphone-free immersive reading and speech event, will take place on the morning of September 15. Participants will try reading a designated book for three hours without their smartphones and later listen to scientists of different generations sharing their experiences.

Each district will have its own National Science Popularization Day celebrations, and 3,761 events will be held during the week.

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